STAL, beautiful new track and video, “Burning Desire”

Electro trio STAL is back with “Burning Desire.” The track comes with a great video to promote their new EP, ‘Burning’.

French songwriter and music producer Pierre-Marie Maulini spent the last two years as a touring member of M83 in support of the Saturdays=Youth album. He formed the band STAL in 2012 and since then, has delivered epic songs of deep synth pads full of Rock energy.
While their first EP ‘Gone’ was released last fall, the trio is back with a brand new 4-track EP ‘Burning’ that contains a musical gem track, “Burning Desire.” This EP is a precursor to STAL’s debut album ‘Young Hearts’ that is set to be released in late 2015.

The track and the music video of “Burning Desire” put us in a compelling and intriguing story: a young boy who has a genetic illness tries to build a spaceship to escape his fate and to find a more peaceful place.

About the track “Burning Desire” STAL says:
“The lyrics speak about the struggles we can face in our lifetime. If you read the lyrics literally, you could easily think of a love story that comes to an end. But there are open interpretations and I was super enthusiastic about the other angle the director came up with for the video, a moonchild who’s fighting his disease and trying to live his dream.”

‘Burning’ EP by STAL is available on iTunes.