St Germain announces forthcoming album “Real Blues”

French Touch icon St Germain returns with his first album in 15 years, set to be released next October. Listen to the new single “Real Blues” now.

After 10 years of silence, St Germain (aka Ludovic Navarre) announced this week that his third album Real Blues will be released on October 9th via Parlophone. The French Electronic music producer also revealed the first single of the album, which shares the same title, “Real Blues.” The single is already available in download and the album is available in pre-order.

St Germain revolutionized Electronic music with only two albums, Boulevard (1995) and Tourist (2000), by combining Jazz and Blues sounds with Electronic music. Those two LPs gave Navarre status as one of the fathers of French Touch, status that he shared with others such as Air, Daft Punk and Cassius. The album Tourist sold more than 3 million copies worldwide, and received several awards in both Jazz and Electronic music categories.

The new single “Real Blues” reveals St Germain’s new musical direction. In addition to Electronic beats coupled with Jazz and Blues melodies, the French music producer adds, for the first time, African traditional sounds from Mali. The track features a vocal sample from “You Caused My Heart to Weep” by the Blues singer from Texas, Lightnin’ Hopkins’. St Germain’s new single “Real Blues” was composed, produced, recorded, and mixed by the artist himself at his Paris studio, and it was mastered in the famous Abbey Road studio in London.

For his next record, St Germain found the inspiration in traditional Malian instruments like the kora, the balafon and the n’goni. He combined Electronic loops to music played by African musicians. He also added voices of two very-well known Malian singers, Zoumana Téréta and Nahawa Doumbia.

To promote his new album, St Germain will return on tour in Europe next November. A US tour will follow and shows will be announced at a later date.

St Germain Real Blues Tour Europe 2015