Siska, “Unconditional Rebel”: a music video shot in 5 seconds

French Trip-Hop singer Siska released her first single, “Unconditional Rebel,” with a beautiful music video shot in only 5 seconds.

Former singer of the band Watcha Clan, Siska, is now in solo for new music productions in between Neo-Soul and Trip-Hop. She recently released her first EP, which is available for download on iTunes. It’s a great 4-track that gives British Trip-Hop accents to the French Touch.

French filmmaker Guillaume Panariello was in charge of the music video of Siska’s first single “Unconditional Rebel.” He claims he produced the “shortest shoot ever”.
Shot with 80 extras along an 80-meter road strip in front of an abandoned industrial backdrop in the south of France (plaine de la Crau), the crew used a Phantom flex 4k at 1000 frames per second mounted on a car driven at 50km/h. The shoot lasted only five seconds to produce the final 3’30 minute music video. When the footage is slowed down, magic happens… Beautiful!

Check out the video of the making of below.