Madeon ends video trilogy with “Nonsense”

French Electronic music producer revealed the music video of “Nonsense”, that ends the trilogy started with “You’re On” and “Pay No Mind”.

At only 21 years old and a 10-year music career behind him, the leader of the new French Touch generation revealed the music video of Nonsense”. The track, which features Foster the People‘s lead singer’s voice, is part of Madeon‘s debut album, Adventure. It was released earlier this year via the label Columbia and is available on iTunes.

By revealing the music video of “Nonsense”, Madeon put an end to his first video trilogy that started with the track “You’re On”, almost a year ago. The second part was revealed last February when the track Pay No Mind” was picked as the new single. The pitch of the trilogy is pretty simple: it focuses on a young woman, Asteria, and a young man, Icarus, in a remote city, in an undefined future…

Part 1 of Madeon’s Adventure trilogy: “You’re On”

Part 2 of Madeon’s Adventure trilogy: “Pay No Mind”streaming Gifted 2017 movie

Part 3 of Madeon’s Adventure trilogy: “Nonsense”