“Feed The Ghost”: The Shoes ‘Chemicals’ album teaser

The duo from Reims, The Shoes, is back with a new single and the video of “Feed The Ghost,” the first extract of their upcoming album ‘Chemicals’.

It’s been already 4 years since the release of The Shoes’ debut album Crack My Bones. Born from the remains of the band The Film, the French duo The Shoes made itself known more specially with the track “Time To Dance”.  Not only talented in music productions, the duo, composed of Guillaume Brière et Benjamin Lebeau, is also very careful with music video productions. The aesthetic of the videos that put their music in images has greatly contributed to the popularity growth of the duo. The video of Cover Your Eyes was crowned with a prize while the American actor Jake Gyllenhaal was the star of Time To Dance.

Following the success of their first album, The Shoes has been very busy with music productions and remixes for artists such as Yuksek, Woodkid, Philippe Katerine and Shakira. They also appeared on Woodkid‘s album ‘The Golden Age’ and beside Beth Ditto on Cerrone’s “Supernature” remix.

The Shoes are back with a new single and a video, “Feed The Ghost“, that announces their forthcoming album, Chemicals, set to be released in October. The track is very different from what the band has accustomed us to in the past, although it still contains their music signature. The piece is both soft and powerful, sails between Hip-Hop, Pop and Electro and features Black Atlass, Blue Daisy and Amateur Best. This is a very good appetizer for the wait until the release of the full LP.