Daft Punk’s “Disco Cubizm” Remix reissued

Daft Punk’s remix of I:Cube’s “Disco Cubism”, originally released in 1996, will be reissued in March.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Parisian label Versatile Records will have several offerings throughout the year. The first of the series is a rare remix of i:Cube‘s track “Disco Cubizm” by Daft Punk. For the occasion, the track has been remastered for 12-inch, and will also feature an unreleased DJ Gregory remix of Cheek‘s “Venus Sunshine People” on the flipside.film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales online streaming

The record will be available on March 18th on both vinyl and digital. Pre-orders are already open on Versatile’s website.

The “Disco Cubizm” remix is one of Daft Punk’s earliest releases and originally appeared as the B-side on the 12″ for the I:Cube track in the summer of 1996. That 12″ marked the label’s first official release. If Guy Manuel Homem de Cristo and Thomas Bangalter’s productions are rare today, it was very different in the mid-90’s. In addition to their EPs and the release of Homework, the duo released a series of remixes including “Chord Memory” by Ian Pooley, “Life is Sweet” by The Chemical Brothers, “Mothership Reconnection” by Scott Grooves and Parliament and “Forget About The World” by Gabrielle.