Bob Sinclar new single and video, “Feel The Vibe”

French DJ Superstar Bob Sinclar revealed the music video of his last single, “Feel The Vibe.” 

Only a few months after the release of “I Want You,” Bob Sinclar returns with a new single, “Feel The Vibe,”and the music video that comes with it. The track, co-produced with another French Electronic music icon, Joachim Garraud, features the beautiful Soul voice of the singer Dawn Tallman.

Every single fan of House music from the 90’s and early 2000’s will love “Feel The Vibe.” Back to basics, Bob Sinclar’s last production is largely influenced by the sounds and the vibe of that period. The French DJ recently said that he wanted to produce “more sexy” tracks and confided about his “nostalgia of the 90’s.” We understand better where this new track comes from. We also can easily anticipate that we will continue to find those musical influences in Sinclar’s upcoming musical productions as well as his next album.

The music video of the track is uncluttered, elegant and terribly efficient. It is an invitation to go to the the dancefloor to break the routine and get rid of your stress. Well done, that works! Too bad the track lasts only 3 minutes.

The track “Feel The Vibe” by Bob Sinclar is available on iTunes.