Atlas: Sexy “Fast Love” Video Available

The new French duo Atlas released their first single “Fast Love” that comes with a sexy controversy video.

The French label Tealer Records announced the signature of the duo Atlas and the release of their first single, “Fast Love“. With electronic and hip-hop influences, the duo composed of François, disco lover, and Olivier, beat maker, offers a heady track that everyone will like. This is a track in between melancholy and exaltation.

The track “Fast Love” comes comes with a beautiful video directed by Get A Way, inspired by the movie Love by Gaspar Noé. The video tells the story of a prostitute’s night work. She works in her truck where she created a unique and cosy place, despite the difficult conditions of her job. The night runs to the rhythm of customers’ comes an goes… The excellent performance of the actress Lola Viande gives the track a new dimension.

The track “Fast Love” by Atlas is available on iTunes.