Woodkid: free track “Volcano” and video

Woodkid offers his track “Volcano” that was re-recorded two years after its first release.

The French music and video producer Yoann Lemon, aka Woodkid, composed the instrumental track “Volcano” two years ago for the Golden Age Tour. The entire track evolves around a live tuba and brass hook and the arrangements are made for a whole set of orchestral percussions and strings.

Fans of Woodkid have been waiting for a clean version of the track for quite a while. To celebrate the second year of the original release of the track, the Frenchman recorded a studio version of “Volcano”, and made it available in free download for everyone.

To get your free copy of “Volcano” by Woodkid, go to woodkid.com

Also, Woodkid edited some footage from the Zenith shows in France for those who were not able to see the live performance.