N° 1 International Hit is French: The Avener, “Fade Out Lines”

The Avener, who recently released the album The Wanderings Of The Avener, is currently on top of international charts with “Fade Out Lines”.

Considered the new French Touch phenomenon, The Avener (Tristan Casara), native from Nice, is more than a DJ or Remixer. He is a Music Reworker. He carefully selects tracks, adds a beat, and reworks the new musical production until it becomes a Hit, without losing the spirit of the original track.

His rework of the track “Fade Out Lines” by Phoebe Killdeer has been on top of the charts for weeks. The debut album, The Wanderings Of The Avener, released last week, also reached the top of the charts in several countries on the first day of its availability.

The Avener debut album The Wanderings Of The Avener is available for download

An EP, that features the track “Fade Out Lines”, is available in the US