Hyphen Hyphen: “Just Need Your Love”

New French Electropop sensation Hyphen Hyphen revealed the music video of their new single, “Just Need Your Love”. Also, a debut album is on its way.

Hyphen Hyphen represents the new name of French Electropop this summer. The 4 members, Samanta Cotta, Laura Christin, Zaccharie Schutte and Romain Adamo are originally from Nice, Côte d’Azur. They are currently actively promoting their debut album, Times, set to be released on September 18th via Parlophone. The 12-track LP is already available in pre-order on iTunes.
The album Times was recorded at the ICP studio in Belgium, while the mastering was done in Paris by Julien Delfaud and Antoine Gaillet. Note also that Guy Roche, vocal coach of Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera, worked with the band as an advisor.

In order to continue to create the buzz, Hyphen Hyphen revealed a beautiful music video to accompany their new single, “Just Need Your Love”. The track is a beautiful piece that mixes perfectly the heady piano chords with the powerful voice of the lead singer Samanta, and the Electronic sounds added to the composition.
The 5-minute video associates a mystical atmosphere on the mountains of the canary islands with furious choreographies to create a magnificent and transcendental result. Images marry perfectly the highly energetic track and the band succeeded to create and develop its own style as well as a strong visual identity.