French Miracle Tour brings French Touch in Asia

From April 28th to May 24th, Yuksek, Juveniles, Manceau and Clarens will be on an Asian road-trip for the French Miracle Tour.

This is the first time that 4 major French Electronic artists will tour together for a full month all around the Asian continent. The French Miracle Tour will bring Yuksek, Juveniles, Manceau and Clarens to 10 different cities in 6 different countries for 18 exceptional gigs.

The French Miracle Tour is a project by ILCM (I Love Creative Music) and Ismaël Lefeuvre in close collaboration with the Instituts Français in Paris, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore. The project is intimately linked to the city of Rennes, Brittany, as the goal of this tour is to promote and export talent from the city abroad.

The French Miracle Tour will also give birth to a 52-minute documentary that will be directed by the talented filmmaker Jérôme de Gerlache. He will follow the different artists at their concerts and throughout their journey with a unique eye. For the occasion, an online event TV channel has been launched and airs music videos of the 4 artists non-stop.


Find more info on the official website of the French Miracle Tour:

French Miracle Tour
Beijing – April 28, 29 and 30
Jinan – May 1
Shangai – May 2 and 3
Seoul – May 4
Taipei – May 7 and 8
Hong Kong – May 9
Shenzhen – May 10
Jakarta – May 14 and 15
Chengdu – May 16 and 17
Singapore – May 20, 21 and 22