Fancy debut album, “Fancy Machine” is out

The French band Fancy is back with the release of its first album, Fancy Machine, which brings Rock into French Touch.

For those who love the Rock side of French Touch better, Fancy’s new album, Fancy Machine, is a must-have. The sound of Fancy is a mix of 80’s glam rock, Rock & Roll, Pop and Funk with an Electronic touch made possible with synths. Also, Fancy enjoys the unique voice of its charismatic lead singer, Jessie Chaton, who also helps create the unique sound of the band.

The album includes the tracks “All Night Long,” which revealed the band in 2011, and “Shock Me,” released last year. Today, the release of the album comes with a new single, “Flesh Reflex,” and a music video that reminds us of a classic French Touch anthem video, Justice’s “Dance.” Also, the band is generous with its fans, offering the track “Star of the Month” in free download via Soundcloud.

With the album Fancy Machine by Fancy, feel like a guitar hero and a rock star at the same time. Available on iTunes.