Daft Punk to produce a tribute movie about Nile Rodgers

Electronic duo Daft Punk admires Nile Rodgers and continues to pay hommage to their hero with the production of a tribute movie.

Daft Punk continues to testify their love for Chic guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers. After inviting him as a 5-star guest on their last album, “Random Access Memories”, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are about to make a new tribute to their hero.

The French duo shot a short movie, “It’s About Time”, to celebrate the release of Chic’s new album which will be released in June. The video will be available in the next few weeks and should be closely linked with the release of the first single “I’ll Be There”. Stay tuned…

Watch Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance” video featuring Rodgers: