Daft Punk to release new figurines as goodies

French Electronic duo Daft Punk will release new figurines in spring 2016. A must-have for fans who will have to pay the price…

Last April, the most famous French Electronic duo, Daft Punk, announced a “New Era” on its official webstore. Since then, it is possible to find and buy many goodies with their effigy. Coffee mugs, yoyos, t-shirts, frisbees and even a space cruiser are available on the webstore, but it is impossible to find figurines of the two robots.

Daft Punk - Figurine 2016_fullDaft Punk - Figurine 2016_fullFans will be happy to learn that their wait is almost over. Their Daft Punk goodies collection will be able to expand soon with the arrival of new figurine models, expected in March 2016. They will be 30cm high and will be sold via the Japanese toy company, Medicom Toy. The dolls will be part of the Daft Punk official merchandising and will cost about 175 € each! Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel Homem Cristo in their doll version will wear the immaculate white outfits they wore at the Grammy Awards ceremony in 2014 for their performance of “Get Lucky” with Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers and Stevie Wonder. Note that pre-orders are already available on Amiami webstore.

Visit the official Daft Punk webstore on www.daftpunk.comwatch full Alien: Covenant film online