Chateau Marmont new album, “Sound of Shambala”

The French duo Chateau Marmont released their second album Sound of Shambala on their own music label, Chambre 404.

In two years, Chateau Marmont has radically changed. Originally composed of 4 members, the band is now a duo. The sound of its music productions evolved from cold synth-Pop to shamanic Pop-House.

Two years after the release of their first album The Maze, the duo released Sound of Shambala, an 11-track LP. Half of the album’s tracks are collaborations with producers, remixers, musicians, and singers. For this new album, Chateau Marmont says that the duo wanted to reproduce the actual sounds of Electronic music productions that are typically made on computers with vintage electronic instruments from the 70’s and the 80’s.

The track “Everybody Is Somebody” is the first single of the album and features a beautiful music video produced by the talented illustrator Marion Dupas. Marion has already produced animated music videos in the past (i.e. Moodoid) and was inspired by painters from Rajasthan to illustrate the psychedelic world of Sound of Shamballa.

Sadly, Chateau Marmont’s new album Sound of Shambala is not currently available worldwide. It is available on selected countries on iTunes.