Alex Gopher returns with a new EP, “Back To Basics”

French Touch legend Alex Gopher will return with a new EP named ‘Back To Basics’.

3 years after the release of his EP “Hello Inc.“, Alex Gopher returns with new musical productions. He revealed a minimix of his upcoming EP named ‘Back To Basics‘ via Soundcloud. The EP will include 4 tracks but no official date for the release has been announced yet. With this new release, Alex Gopher offers a revival of classic French Touch with strong disco-house influences.

While he was one of the main actors of the 90’s French Touch, Alex Gopher’s appearances as a frontman are more rare today and he works more in the background. But the French producer never left the music business and contributed to several musical productions with his friends Etienne de Crecy and Chateau Marmont. The last big production he participated to was “Smile” that appeared on Super Discount 3.