Listen to Trésors new album, ‘Adrien’

French duo Trésors released their second album ‘Adrien’. In between ambiant and post-punk, the full album is available in free preview.

After the release of several EPs and their first album ‘Missionnaires’ in 2012, Trésors returns with a new 9-track album, ‘Adrien’, released on Desire Records. The two frenchies, Adrien D. and Adrien K. not only share the same name, they also have the same passion for music improvisation and sound experimentation. But, they also have their differences, and complete each other perfectly to deliver a unique, unexpected and original music trip.

To record this new album, the duo has voluntarily limited the number of instruments and let the inspiration speak during jam sessions they recorded. No composition work was done prior to those sessions. This new album ‘Adrien’ reveals Trésors going to new musical territories, between post-punk and ambient. Their sound is more authentic than usual and evenly mixes their 70s and 80s influences.

“Adrien’ by Trésors is available in free streaming but if you want to get your own copy, go on iTunes or on Desire Records webstore.