Superpoze reveals “Unlive” and “Overseas”

Superpoze revealed “Unlive” and “Overseas, the first two tracks of his debut album Opening, set to be released on April 6th.

After several successful EPs (including the last one in collaboration with STOW), and a world tour, Superpoze is now considered “the French Beatmaker gem.” Superpoze will release his debut album Opening, which he recorded in Belgium, on April 6th on How Mille Records. This week he revealed “Unlive” and “Overseas,” the first two tracks extract from the album.

Superpoze’s album Opening is expected to sound different from the French DJ’s previous music productions. It should be much more melodic as he confided that instead of using samplers, he composed the 8 tracks of the album on a piano.

Tracklist :
1. Opening
2. North
3. Time Travel
4. Overseas
5. Unlive
6. Ten Lakes
7. Movement
8. Home Is Where I Am