St Germain’s new album in free streaming

Listen to the forthcoming new album of the French Touch icon St Germain in free audio streaming.

After more than 10 years of absence and two legendary albums (Tourist and Boulevard) Ludovic Navarre, aka St Germain, surprised everyone earlier this year by announcing the release of a new album. The first single, “Real Blues“, was revealed with a music video as a teaser for the whole album.

St Germain’s third album will be available on October 9th via Parlophone and is already available in pre-orderWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

For this new LP, St Germain collaborated with African musicians and used several Malian instruments like the kora, the ngoni and the balafon. All of those typical african sounds have been mixed with electric guitars, piano, saxophone and electronic sounds. This is an amazing journey, a fabulous and enchanted reunion between traditional instruments and electronic music.