Jean Tonique: Alternate Vision of his Track “Guest”

French Electronic producer Jean Tonique revealed an Alternate Vision of his track, “Guest”, originally released a year ago.

While he just ended his American Tour with Yuksek, the electronic music producer Jean Tonique returns with an Alternate Vision of “Guest“, that he released a year ago on label Partyfine. The track was a hit record and features the singer Iris.

For the occasion, the label is re-editing the entire EP ‘You‘, where the track “Guest” first appeared. CD and vinyl are available and include the new version of the track. Note that both hard copies will feature different remixes. The CD will include two bonus tracks from Young Franco and Beatangers & Boogie Vice.Kong: Skull Island 2017 movie streaming

Hard copies are available here, while the digital version of the track can be downloaded on iTunes.

For his Alternate Vision of “Guest”, Jean Tonique used a downtempo drumbeat and different layers of soothing guitar. It accentuates Iris’ vocals, and gives a different vibe to the track. This interpretation is much less electric than the original one, aiming to let the vocals speak for themselves.