DJ Cam new album: “Miami Vice” soundtrack

DJ Cam, who currently lives in Miami, composed an imaginary soundtrack of the TV series “Miami Vice” as his new album.

DJ Cam, one of the most talented and famous French producers of the 90’s French Touch scene, is back with a new album, “Miami Vice.” The new record was released a few days ago on Cam’s music label, Inflamable Records.

Laurent Daumail, aka DJ Cam, has always been a huge fan of the TV series Miami Vice and revealed that he collected all kinds of objects about the series when he was younger. A few years ago, while he was living in Los Angeles, Daumail met someone who works with Michael Mann, director of the show in the mid 80’s. After a long conversation between the two men, the idea of composing an unofficial soundtrack of the TV series appeared naturally.

“It was easily my favorite TV series. I loved the long-distance shots of the city, the dynamic car chases… Introspection and psychology were very much a part of it too, unlike most American series of the era, and even back then I realized that a lot of care had been taken with the music” DJ Cam says.

“Miami Vice” is the perfect and non-official original soundtrack of the TV series. It is a pure product of Cam’s cinematic mind and the full-lenghth album features 14 tracks that could accompany the scenes of the upcoming adaptation of the series that Hollywood is planning to shoot very soon.

The album “Miami Vice” by DJ Cam is available on iTunes.

1. Crockett’s theme
2. In the air tonight feat. Earl Davis
3. Music to drive by feat. Mc Eiht
4. Move that dope
5. Love theme
6. Thubbs theme
7. The chase
8. Inside the strip club
9. Street Life feat. Mc Eiht
10. A dangerous method
11. End title
12. Welcome to Little Haiti
13. Weather underground
14. On Ocean Drive