DATA returns with new EP and track, “Don’t Sing”

Parisian Electro producer DATA returns with a new Electro-Pop track, “Don’t Sing,” that features the singer Benny Sings.

DATA, previously written datA, made himself known in 2007 with a powerful remix of the track “Minuit Jacuzzi” by Tepr (ex-Yelle). He produced several other remixes that put him on the Electronic scene, and in 2009 he launched his debut album Skywriter.

A few years passed and datA changed his name into DATA. He returns with “Don’t Sing,” a melodic Pop and piano House track which is the first single of his new EP signed on the label Ekler’O’Shock. This is a brand new musical orientation for the French producer, who made us accustomed to way more energic tracks in the past. But who cares? With a heady piano melody, a catchy bassline and an 80’s synth, DATA found the perfect recipe for a massive Electro-Pop hit. Sorry to tell you DATA, but your track makes us want to sing!

DATA EP “Don’t Sing” is already available on iTunes.