Mozambo teams up with Basic Tape for “Bright Side”

Mozambo and Basic Tape worked together to produce the track “Bright Side,” featuring the singer Julia Church.

Known for being remix masters, Mozambo (trio from Marseille) and Basic Tape (duo from Paris) both rose into the spotlights of Electronic Music recently. They decided to team up to produce what has become one the French Touch gems of this year. “Bright Side” is a perfect combination of acoustic and Electronic sounds, an upbeat and groovy Electro-Pop song with catchy piano riffs and funky bass beats. No doubt that the track will catch the attention to any music lover.

As if it was not enough, Mozambo and Basic Tape found an amazing voice to add to the track, with the vocals of the 18 year old South African singer Julia Church. She impresses with her lyrical maturity and pleases our ears with her tender and graceful voice.

Within a few weeks the track “Bright Side” reached more than 1 million plays on SoundCloud. The association of Mozambo, Basic Tape and Julia Church demonstrates that a new generation of talented musicians is right here, knocking at the door of success, ready to reach the top of the charts.

The track “Bright Side” by Mozambo and Basic Tape is available on iTunes