Arno Cost offers “Return” in free download

The DJ and producer Arno Cost made his new track named “Return” available in free download.

Arno Cost‘s 2015 was pretty big! He released a multitude of collaborative music with artists like Greg Cerrone, Arias and Norman Doray but also launched his own brand ‘When in Paris‘. It started from a radio show that was an outlet to showcase his new music and highlight fellow up-and-coming French producers. With an incredible rise in popularity, the brand turned into a live event series.

This year, Arno Cost held two ‘When in Paris‘ nights. The first one took place at the Amsterdam Dance Event and the second in Paris. The two events featured music by the Paris native himself as well as Nicky Romero, Norman Doray, Mike Mago, Gregor Salto, NEW_ID, Hard Rock Sofa, Kryder, and more. It was so memorable that Arno decided to immortalize it with a track:

“I was so inspired by the last When in Paris during the Amsterdam Dance Event that I wanted to create something that mixed that amazing spirit with the groove of Paris. This is a sound I want to explore more and a bit of a step outside of the box for me. I didn’t want you all to wait for release schedules of record”

The track “Return” by Arno Coast is available in free download via Soundcloud.