Arno Cost: new hit “Coming Home” available

Parisian DJ and producer Arno Cost releases his new banger, “Coming Home”, featuring James Newman on Armada Records.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The 29-year old French DJ Arno Cost continues his rise and keeps his name growing on the international EDM scene. While he often associates with other French buddies such as Norman Doray or Arias, he recently revealed “Coming Home”, a new track that he produced by himself.

The track “Coming Home” features the singer James Newman and exposes Arno Cost’s most Progressive side with a hint of his unique French Touch that made his reputation through the years. This new release is the ideal track for DJs’ sets with its deep and sensual vocals, stunning and superb synths melodies with vibrant beats. The track is already available for download via Armada Records on Beatport and iTunes.