Anoraak new Synth-Pop tune, “Odds Are Good”

French Synth-Pop master Anoraak returns with a new track “Odds Are Good,” part of Eskimo Recordings’ superb new compilation, “The Orange Collection.”

It has been quite some time without any new releases from Anoraak, but the wait was worth it. The Parisian dreamy Synth-Pop producer is back with a brand-new track named “Odds Are Good,” that opens the Belgian label Eskimo Recording’s new compilation, “The Orange Collection.”

Anoraak’s track “Odds Are Good” is along the same lines as his previous musical productions. The new tune is a very hypnotic and dreamy Synth-Pop piece piece with sighing (almost haunting) vocals. Anoraak delivers here one of his most beautiful tracks that envelops you for over 4 minutes. We are now looking forward to a new album after this release that comes like a tease for music lovers.

“The Orange Collection” by Eskimo Recordings is out now.